Internal Communications

An important aspect to company culture is internal communications. These communications include deploying information to stakeholders and employees in various ways: company-wide presentations, digital signage, newsletters, and via an intranet.

In 2018, I was instrumental in the creation and launch of PN Pulse, the intranet for Pocket Nurse.

The creation of PN Pulse was requested by the owner and president of Pocket Nurse, and required coordination among the marketing, human resources (HR), and IT departments. I worked closely with the IT department intern in the summer of 2018 to design PN Pulse, and make sure it was informational, accurate, and functional.

The intern and I used a WordPress platform with a few apps to make sure we could communicate information about the company. Each department had a page listing personnel with titles and contact information. This information needed to be updated as people were hired, promoted, or left the company. The Safety Committee and the Inclusion & Diversity Committee also had dedicated pages to report on important initiatives.

PN Pulse had a blog page that was updated at least once a week. Most departments sent updates to HR that they would format for slides to play on digital signage. I would also take the information on the slides, and create a blog post. The intranet was invaluable for communicating COVID-19 updates during the height of the pandemic. People were able to view it by logging onto VMWare at home.

Inclusion & Diversity

Another way the intranet was used was to educate the company on the creation of the Inclusion and Diversity committee, of which I was a founding member. The Inclusion and Diversity group started out as an initiative inviting everyone in the company to participate. Launched in late 2019, our original goals were simply to create conversation and education about inclusion and diversity at Pocket Nurse.

Throughout 2020, we posted articles about different types of cultural and religious celebrations, including Deaf History Month, Mexican Independence Day, Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Pride Month, and holiday celebrations for many different religions. It made everyone feel connected, and aware that people had such different backgrounds and experiences. As the I&D group went into 2021, we began initiatives regarding recruitment, networking, and hiring to make Pocket Nurse an even better place to work.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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