What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Given my experience this year with the unexpected termination of a full-time position, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of networking. Whether you build a network via social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or even TikTok, or use networking events, live or virtual, having a variety of people connected to you professionally is key to continuing and building your career.

I am fortunate to have many people familiar with my work, and because of that, I have been freelancing over the summer while I search for my next full-time opportunity. In a field such as mine (marketing, content creation), showing samples of work and demonstrating the ability to address the needs of various industries is very important.

Healthy Simulation

Within the first few days of being open to new opportunities, Lance Bailey from HealthySimulation.com reached out to me. I had worked with Lance and the HealthySim site when I was at Pocket Nurse. Producing feature articles was part of the advertising agreement Pocket Nurse had with HealthySim during the time I was there as a copy specialist. Working with Lance and Content Editor Lindsey Nolan, I’ve written a number of articles specifically for SEO on the Healthy Simulation site. Two examples are the posts on Veterinary Simulation and another on Dental Simulation.

Bubble & Hatch

Thanks to a Twitter colleague, I was put in touch with the women who run bubble & hatch, a marketing consultant company. Talking with Jules and Jill, and seeing the work they do and campaigns they build for their clients is truly inspiring. They asked me to produce some blog content for their client Consolidated Press. Learning about the print and paper industry has been a new experience for me. I wrote about direct mail and about catalogs, letting Consolidated Press customers know that their printer has the expertise to deliver the goods.

Fun and Games

It hasn’t been all work and no play this summer, of course. In between freelance assignments, job hunting, and other day-to-day details of professional life, I took some time to relax. My family and I were invited to our friends’ house on the shores of Lake Erie, near Buffalo, NY, where we did some kayaking and wine tasting. I traveled to Erie with my children to visit my parents and spend time with my closest friends from childhood. (We all had a milestone birthday this year.) And we also took a family vacation to Seven Springs, where I paddle boarded and threw an axe for the first time.

wine flight from 21 Brix
The dry tasting flight from 21 Brix Winery

In addition, I signed up for Tang (pronounced tung) Soo Do classes with my 10-year-old son. Tang Soo Do is a Korean form of karate. In August I successfully tested for my yellow belt and was officially promoted to that level. The feature image on this post is the board I broke with hammer fist, which is a requirement for the belt test. This is the first time I have ever taken a martial arts class, and I am so glad I decided to explore it with my son. The physical and mental focus needed to learn the art is a welcome discipline. And, yes, it is a fantastic workout.

Did you do anything fun this summer?

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